Superheroes! Time Travel! A Pink Puppy!
Past, Present & Future Nazis!

Can the Fantastic Friends Survive the Battle for Eternity?


The Fantastic Friends in the Battle for Eternity is the first season of Thunder Eagle Production’s truly one of a kind web series The Fantastic Friends.

As funny as it is, this show is not a sitcom. It is destined to be a Hitcom.


Pumpkin will be here soon

When a group of young, hard-partying, lifetime nerds accidentally eat radioactive chili cooked in a broken microwave oven, they find themselves with unusual Superpowers, including the ability to travel through time (and at least one that’s possibly too gross to mention).

During one of their time traveling adventures the nerds, now calling themselves the Fantastic Friends, meet up with equally wild-partying U.S. President Abraham Lincoln himself and his real life boyfriend Joshua Frye Speed.


The Narrator lovin’ on his job

These two genuine historical figures eat some of the Fantastic Friends’ chili and discover their own special powers. They also discover something else – the greatest danger our planet has ever seen. World War Two Nazis are also time traveling, weaving through the past and future in an effort to take control of all eternity.

With the fate of the world at stake, Abe and Speed (bet you can’t guess what Speed’s main power is) join Pumpkin (a pink Cairn Terrier who never loses the orange bow in her hair or the song in her heart, Time Out (Pumpkin’s human), and their friends Christopher (AKA Fart Laser Dude), Last Laugh and The Pervert.

Along with the omnipresent Narrator, who considers himself the most intelligent person in whatever company he keeps (although we know that honor really is Pumpkin’s) genuine literary figure William Burroughs, an army of dinosaur riding missing link apemen, and future hero Ramjet, the Fantastic Friends risk everything to keep Hitler and his minions from ruling all of history, and, oh yeah, destroying mankind.

The humor, action, and partying are nonstop as this adventure of the most bizarre Superhero team of all time barrels along at a breakneck pace to the final showdown.

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