American gunfighter Jack Corbin is hired to bring in a family of murderers in the remote Mexican village of Sangre De Cristo by any means necessary.

It’s a high paying and presumably easy job. However, when his throat is almost ripped out by a seductive vampire beauty, he learns that the family of “murderers” is actually a family of 200 year old Aztec vampires.

Not only is Jack outclassed and outgunned, the vampires want revenge for the loss of their daughter and will stop at nothing to get it.

After a local Indian elder teaches Jack how to drink vampire blood, and the odds get a bit better.

The blood makes him quicker and stronger during the
day, when the vampires are vulnerable. But when night falls, Jack is just another human and must hide for his life.iron-lotus

And, day and night, he must live with the fact that his body has become addicted to vampire blood. Without it now he will rapidly and painfully die.

Throughout Jack’s early travails, he is watched from the shadows by Iron Lotus, a beautiful Chinese warrior princess with incredible fighting skills.

Iron Lotus has been drinking vampire blood and hunting vampires for over 600 years. She has the kind of wisdom and sophistication that Jack could never imagine possible.

She is keeping an eye on Jack at the behest of the mysterious group with which she often works and must decide whether to recruit the gunfighter to their cause…or to kill him so he can’t become a threat.

As circumstances force Iron Lotus and Jack to team up, we learn more about both their backgrounds and see that the gulf between them is even wider than it seemed. Still, for the sake of their own survival, and perhaps their humanity as well, it must be overcome.

Even their equally mismatched pets must learn to work together, as the stakes are high and even a slight mistake could mean death for the whole team.


In seasons to come, we will follow the vampire hunters from America’s Old West to Asia, Europe and beyond, learning more about their past and their present and discovering the astonishing truth about those who have brought them together:


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