It’s a TV series! It’s a web series! It’s for kids! It’s for families! And now it’s an international film festival award winner too! Eagle Feather has so far won its categories in the Ashland International Independent Film Festival , the Sarasota International Film Festival, Marblehead Film Festival. It has gotten honorary mention in the SMIT Fim Festival too. It was also an official selection in Baltimore’s Imagination Lunchbox Film Festival, the Port Orchard Film Festival, Trinity Film Festival, Dances With Films Film Festival, and Klamath Falls Independent Film Festival – it may also still win these. We are honored that Eagle Feather is being so well received.

This project was overseen and written by Native Americans and started as a short film about the contemporary life of American Indian People and their strong relationships with nature. Now that the film is finished all of us who comprise Thunder Eagle Productions are so delighted that we have now written it as a feature film too that will begin production in 2017.

Our purpose with Eagle Feather is to both entertain and enlighten audiences about how Native Americans live and strive to keep their bonds with nature still today. We look forward to your reaction to  Eagle Feather.  This movie really has special meaning to all of us.