Eagle Feather is based on my own experiences with my father and also his experiences with his grandfather in going out into nature to learn different aspects about nature and American Indian lore. In this movie the single American Indian father takes his young daughter on a grand adventure as they go to a wilderness lake so that the daughter can find her first eagle feather.
We share in the young girl’s excitement as she begins to learn about nature from her father and her people’s ways too.
We also share in her pride and happiness as she finds her first eagle feather that she can later use to in ceremonies to help her find her own path in life.
Eagle Feather could become many episodes of the father and daughter going out into nature as he teaches her more and more about her own traditions and also the natural.

This project was overseen and written by Native Americans and started as a short film about the contemporary life of American Indian People and their strong relationships with nature. Now that the film is finished all of us who comprise Thunder Eagle Productions are so delighted that we have now written it as a feature film too that will begin production in 2017.

Our purpose with Eagle Feather is to both entertain and enlighten audiences about how Native Americans live and strive to keep their bonds with nature still today. We look forward to your reaction to  Eagle Feather.  This movie really has special meaning to all of us.